Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Training

Full-Featured Safety Courseware

The client’s safety division needed a comprehensive training system, so they went out and bought some “off-the-shelf” content, which though legally approved for use, was terribly dated so much so that the interface was nearly unusable. To recreate everything from scratch was financially infeasible, because it would mean full scripting, production, editing and delivery of brand new content for over 20 full courses.

We were able to deliver a solution that leveraged the existing content, but imported it all into a modern, custom interface we developed for this deployment. We combined all the usable content, client-tweaked scripts and updated storyboards to produce courses with an updated look, enhanced design wherever possible, all in a cost-effective manner. The system included intuitive visual feedback on progress and scores, branded, printable certificates for each course, a full glossary by course, optional captions, quizzes and exams.

See a short video of it in action:

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